very simply your workouts and your races, import your file Polar or Garmin.


quickly the contents of your log.


your workouts and your races. Follow your progress with many graphics.

To whom is this site dedicated?

For anyone practicing running regularly (several times a week), whatever the level.


  • Saving training workouts (running)
  • Saving training workouts (cycling, swiming, roller, skiing, rowing)
  • Saving intervall training
  • Saving races running (with lap time)
  • Importing and displaying graphics for POLAR and GARMIN files
  • Importing route (kml format- Google Earth)
  • Calendar or table displaying workouts following criteria date, distance, location, training or competition
  • Viewing data charts (months, weeks, VMA, cardio, velocity, time)
  • Viewing performances in races
  • Management training plans proposed by Athlete-Endurance (several dozen)
  • Ability to recover its data to Excel
  • Upcoming races

Free use

All these services are COMPLETELY FREE. This non-profit site is the result of volunteer work

And if this tool gives you satisfaction, you can make a donation to finance the development and hosting.


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